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Apply for a Passport from your own Sofa in the Municipality of Rotterdam

Get a better understanding on how different technologies can create a consumer-grade application and which challenges you might face when running such project.

How awesome would it be if you can apply for a passport or driver’s license from home, without the need to go to your local town hall? Or what if you could do the same when you want to register a birth? In the municipality or Rotterdam this became reality by using Mendix together with DigiD, videoconferencing from WeSeeDo and payment solutions.

This application has been developed from home completely. Due to the world we are living in today, the importance of this application increased exponentially in the beginning of this year. Bjorn explains how the Digital Counter is really helping the municipality and its citizens. Marick will demonstrate the application and give you a deep dive on how they used WeSeeDo and DigiD to deliver a seamless, personal and secure experience.

• Bjorn Dirkse, Process Manager Innovation at the Municipality of Rotterdam a.k.a. Project Manager Video Calling with Rotterdammers
• Marick Hoeijenbos, Consultant at Mansystems

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