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Delivering Impact with Impact Mapping

Mendix seeks to accelerate time to market through tighter collaboration between business and IT. But technology is never the only solution, and Mendix engineers are often left to create order at the edge of chaos without much organizational structure.

Impact Mapping is a lightweight, highly collaborative planning technique that Mendix engineers can use to link users needs directly to measurable deliveries. Through impact mapping, Mendix engineers can convert open conversations with the business into tangible deliverables. These deliveries can be tracked via agile delivery methodologies.

The result is that delivered value is linked directly to organizational impact.

In this talk, Austin will introduce impact mapping and illustrate how it can be used to deliver real impact!

== Speaker Bio==
Austin Fagan is a remote agile coach, who has been working with teams, product and stakeholders to deliver better since 2006. He has often failed miserably during that period but is the wiser for it, mostly.

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