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Transforming Manufacturing - Application challenges in Smart Factories

Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning are all trends within Smart Factories. Trends that have a huge impact on the way manufacturers need to look at their IT. With factories becoming smart, lots of data is being transferred throughout the organization which increases the need to let this all perform as smooth and fast as possible.

During this Meetup, we will give you an insight in TimeSeries’ vision on Smart Factories. We will show you some cool cases and discuss the most important trends. After this, we will deep dive into Smart Factory application challenges in general and challenges regarding Mendix applications. We will cover these topics with the following presentations:

1. Martijn van Kuijk, Sales Manager and Senior Mendix Consultant at TimeSeries, will share TimeSeries’ vision on Smart Factories. Martijn will show the trends in this sector, share some use cases and show how we envision the future of Smart Factories.

2. Dennis van der Wal, Big Data Hero and Team Lead of the Innovation Team at TimeSeries, will share his thoughts on application challenges and performance in general. How do we need to look at performance when we are building apps? How does a Big Data specialist look at Smart Factories?

3. Rik Bos, Customer Success Manager and Senior Mendix Consultant at TimeSeries. Rik might be a hidden gem within the Mendix community, but his skills are through the roof! He will take you on a journey that gives detailed insight into challenges, risks and solutions for Mendix applications within Smart Factories.

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