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Best Practices for Testing Mendix Apps

Mendix allows for the rapid creation and release features for citizen developers and Mendix engineers alike. Without sound testing practices, the value those features bring could be at grave risk. In this talk, Craig Risi will provide a practical overview to testing Mendix application and suggest best practices to ensuring released applications work as intended.

The talk will contain 3 parts:

Part 1: High-level view of testing
Part 2: Assigning responsibilities as the project scales
Part 3: Automation approaches for testing

== Bio of Craig Risi ==

A man of many talents, but no sense of how to use them. Craig could be out changing the world but would prefer to make software instead. He possesses a passion for software design, but more importantly software quality and designing systems that can achieve this in a technically diverse and constantly evolving tech world.
When not playing with software he can often be found writing, designing board games or running long distances for no apparent reason.

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