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Advantages of Running Mendix on Your Own AWS Instance - Mendix Meetup

AWS offers Mendix makers additional areas of specialization, scale and quality. While AWS might sound like a specialist field, it in fact, offers many easy to understand benefits to citizen developers. This talk will take the audience from basic advantages AWS offers Mendix makers through to illustrating how makers can use AWS services to create solutions that not only scale with simplicity but also promote a healthy architecture.

This talk has 4 parts:
1. Removing restrictions: Advantages for citizen developers
2. Scaling: How Mendix makers build in quality
3. AWS World: Leveraging AWS for wide-reaching Mendix solutions
4. Demo using cloud formation to create and deploy Mendix

== Bio of SJ Meyer ==
SJ is an AWS certified cloud solutions architect. He started his career as a developer, moving into the DevOps space and currently working between DevOps and architecture. He likes to see himself as a “Jack of all trades, master of some,” and always has some sort of AWS based side project going on. SJ spends most of his money on coffee, LEGO, live music and sports.

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