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Build a Universal Package Tracker with Low-Code

Watch this live build to learn how you can make a package tracker in 60 minutes, including the integration with multiple parcel companies, delivery details, alternative drop-off points and status updates through push notifications. Developer evangelist Ryan Mocke will teach you how to build the app, step by step. Download the project files:

Learning new technologies can be a daunting task. It often involves many hours of training, trying and testing just to learn the basics. Enter the Low-Code Live Builds, where you'll learn how to build a popular app using Mendix in under 60 minutes, covering the latest features and functionalities, along with the project files so you can get hands on and learn by doing.

In this live build, learn how you can:
- Make a package overview
- Integrate with multiple different parcel companies through APIs
- Make a delivery status page
- Make a map with alternative drop-off points
- Implement status updates through push notifications

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