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Creating Next-Level User Experiences for HoloLens and Other Devices

Over the course of a decade we’ve graduated from developing applications for desktop to creating solutions for computers, mobile phones, tablets and even smart watches. We are now at a point where not the device but the user experience across all devices is at the core of development. Users expect a seamless experience across multiple devices that fit into their way of living and working. The challenge for developers is creating solutions that provide the best experience across all platforms and devices and for an ever-increasing and more demanding audience.

Join us to learn how you can build apps that provide experiences that work across devices. We will demo an app that interacts with the HoloLens for an integrated AR experience that helps workers improve their operational efficiency.

In this Community webinar, learn how you can:
- Create experiences for wearable devices such as HoloLens to improve operational maintenance
- Build exceptional offline-first native mobile experiences
- Can start building multi-device solutions
- Join the private beta for HoloLens development

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