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BAM Brings Apps and SAP Extensions from Idea to MVP in 2 Days

Learn how the largest construction company in the Netherlands, BAM, employed the Mendix low-code platform to extend its SAP core, creating an application MVP in just two days.

After BAM's IT department adopted an Agile approach to application development, they turned to Mendix with their extensive suite of built-in collaborative tools. Utilizing low-code, BAM was able to create a minimal viable product in just 2 days. From there it was clear where improvements could be made in an iterative fashion.

The end result was a construction management app called CASH-U. This app allows construction project managers in the field to access real-time budgeting data directly from BAM's S/4HANA database. This allows project manangers to see what budget is left in order to make educated decisions on procuring additional equipment or labor, all while staying within or under-budget.

The intuitive nature of low-code development allowed BAM to successfully create an MVP and quickly build additional functionality from that foundation, all in record time.

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