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BAM Infra Drives 6-figure Improvements and Finds New Markets with Custom Apps

The construction industry is transforming, with planning increasingly being undertaken digitally before projects are built in the real world. The largest construction company in the Netherlands, BAM, won a bid to install 1.2 million smart-meters. By utilizing a low-code platform with comprehensive collaboration tools built in, BAM could achieve the development speed and agility necessary to submit a competitive bid, and ensure installations began sooner.

In the Netherlands, the government mandated that every home be offered a smart-meter by 2020, and BAM responded to a public tender to install a subset of these smart meters. Perhaps as a sign of the times, competing with BAM was a software company, a non-traditional competitor that offered the whole package: installation of the smart-meters and the corresponding software. BAM, undeterred, raised the bar by offering an end-to-end solution, to be created with a low-code platform. By including a software package in with their installation bid, BAM handily won the contract.

This was only possible by BAM's adherence to agile development and their adoption of a low-code platform, empowering the company to create fully functional applications at record pace.

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