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Knowsley Council Confronts 9-figure Budget Cuts with Channel Shift on Low-Code

Faced with 9 figures worth of budget cuts, Knowsley Council was successfully able to preserve services and cut costs by employing low-code application development.

Since 2010, the Liverpool Borough of Knowsley - population 148,000 - was facing drastic budget cuts. In order to save money, the borough turned to technology to cut costs and preserve services.

Channel Shift has been achieved in Knowsley by replacing costly phone and in-person interactions of residents with an simple-to-use application. Whereas in-person service costs the council £11 per interaction and service by phone costs £7, online service only costs £0.17 - representing a massive amount of savings.

To reduce time to value and decrease development costs on their e-government app, Knowsley turned to Mendix. Mendix's low-code development platform facilitated the rapid development and deployment of the app, and increased the number of online transactions from just 2% before launch to 35% just this year - a shift that continues to grow rapidly.

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