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NC State Reduces Developer Onboarding Time from Months to Weeks with Low-Code

Learn how the largest university in North Carolina, NC State, empowered new hires to jump directly into their roles and start developing impactful applications in record time.

To support world-class student experiences, a doubling of its research grant growth, and over 500,000 non-credit course registrations per year, NC State needed to adopt a system that would allow their IT teams to accelerate onboarding and execute on these goals.

To support these processes, IT needed to automate and streamline academic workflows, and the Mendix low-code development platform allowed the team to quickly help their colleagues realize this.

Mendix utilizes a model-driven, visual approach to application development, empowering those without a traditional programming background to build apps. For most, the time to pick up and learn Mendix is just a couple of weeks - significantly reducing the onboarding time.

Ultimately, NC State was able to hire graduates from their own school, train them on Mendix and have them putting together applications in just a matter of weeks!

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