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Low-Code in 30 Webinar: Deliver High-Quality Apps Throughout ALM

There are few worse things than releasing an app that doesn’t work. When quality gaps reach customers, it impacts your credibility, reputation, and bottom line in the market. Simultaneously, the pressure is on to compete in a rapidly changing landscape with an increased demand for apps. You need to find a way to optimize agility without compromising quality.

Thankfully, low-code platforms like Mendix exist to help enterprises of all sizes institute the discipline testing and quality management required, all while accelerating the delivery of full-stack applications. In this webinar, learn how Mendix helps development teams take a proactive approach to delivering high-quality apps customers love. We’ll cover:

Aligning business needs and IT output through transparent requirements management maximizing customer satisfaction in the first version of an app

Making UI, logic, and custom componentry shareable and reusable to all developers driving consistency and efficiency

Preventing bugs with real-time error checking and automatic model refactoring

Improving maintainability with Application Quality Monitoring (AQM) using open APIs and the ISO 25010 standard to reduce lifecycle costs

Automating testing at the unit and functional level using JUnit, Selenium and the Mendix Application Testing Suite (ATS)