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Low-Code in 30 Webinar: Building Beautiful Multi-channel Applications

In this edition of Mendix in 30, we join Craig White of Mendix's Evangelist team who will take us through how to build beautiful multi-channel applications.

Mendix is the fastest and easiest low-code application development platform to create and continuously improve apps at scale.

With Mendix, organizations can:

- Unleash Business and IT Collaboration
- Create Applications 10x Faster
- Use 70% Fewer Resources

According to Gartner: "Many enterprises are doing just enough to tick of functionality checkboxes without focusing enough on UX, and users are not seeing a lot of value from these apps."

As you'll find out through this webinar, Mendix offers a robust platform for custom user interface and user experience design.

Mendix is the platform that allows not only the intuitive creation of apps, but also facilitates the entire application development lifecycle, boasting powerful collaboration tools, connecting all stakeholders of a project together in a seamless fashion.

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