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Low-Code In 30 Webinar - Accelerating DevOps

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In this edition of Low-Code in 30, Mendix evangelist Simon Black demonstrates how to accelerate DevOps collaboration with the Mendix low-code application development platform.

As the name suggests, DevOps is the practice of collaboration between developers and operations in support of the entire application lifecycle, from design to development and deployment to maintenance.

Mendix takes the notion of DevOps and takes it further by promoting Business DevOps or BizDevOps, allowing all stakeholders of a project to have input, provide feedback and make changes. Benefits of this method include:

- The elimination of knowledge transfer between departments
- Decentralized responsibility
- Agile teams & processes throughout the entire application lifecycle
- Ops in no longer ‘just' keeping the lights on
- Reduce cost and risk after the deployment
- Continuous organizational automation

With a powerful suite of collaboration tools, the Mendix platform is BizDevOps ready out-of-the-box. Low-tech business analysts can make adjustments via the web modeler and leave feedback, while skilled IT developers can use custom code for advanced functionality.

Watch the video to fully understand the benefit of bringing the entire organization together with Mendix.

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