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Low-Code in 30 Webinar: Building Mobile Experiences

In this edition of Low-code in 30, Mendix evangelist Simon Black demonstrates building mobile experiences in the Mendix platform.

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Mendix is a low-code platform that is a conduit to create and continuously improve mobile and web apps. The platform facilitates collaboration between business and IT, allowing teams to create apps 10x faster while using 70% less resources.

The application development platform allows developers to create cutting edge apps, taking advantage of technology such as chatbots, conversation UI's, speech-to-text and text to speech capable smart devices. Between trends in wearables, smartwatches and devices like Google Home, the world is increasingly becoming a mobile place.

Low-code platforms, like Mendix, help bridge the gap in an increasingly mobile world, by making application development as intuitive and efficient as possible through:

1. Building fully responsive applications, compatible with all devices and resolutions, out of the box.
2. Support an offline experience for situations where users do not have access to an internet connection.
3. Easily integrate native device functionality with applications, such as camera, speaker or gyroscopic capabilities.
4. Intuitively deploy the application at the touch of a button.
5. The capability of applications being expandable and integrated with outside devices, databases and other applications.

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